Bare feet.

We’ve always maintained that, in business, you have to be in front of your customers. Don’t wait until they come to you looking for what’s new, what’s trending, what’s hot.

Deliver it to them.

Be ahead of the curve.

The other side of being in front of your customers is being top of mind. Likely you’ve heard the expression “TOMA” – Top Of Mind Awareness. We create a lot of these campaigns for our clients. We’ve probably done this for you.

The problem for us is that we’re so busy creating for our clients, that we neglect our own material - the showcase with which we present what was new, what worked, what was effective advertising.

Our retired consultant friend, Bryan, regularly reminds us that we are the cobblers with the shoeless kids, too busy to make footwear for them.

And that we shouldn’t be.

When time permits, we dig through the vault to find campaigns on which we’ve enjoyed working, had success, and pleased our clients. In the end, when the clients get results, we’re all happy.

And that just inspires us to make some dancing shoes.

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