Not everything we do makes the cut. There…we said it.

It’s best we tell you why.

There is work we do that is very meat and potatoes. It is sometimes a retail sales event crafted to deliver nothing more than a direct selling message. We don’t consider it to be overly creative, but in the end, it is always effective…or we would not have done it.

So what does make it to our portfolio? The work that gets us excited. The unexpected triumphs that surprise even us. The piece that started out so simple, that took a whole new direction once we threw out the old and predictable, and started anew.

That’s what goes in a portfolio.

That’s the side of us we want you to know.

Our favourite work is updated regularly in our Those section. It’s actually our Case Studies. Calling it Those…just sort of happened. Creative is like that. Sometimes, you just have one of those moments.