A lawyer and a creative are sitting at a table. The lawyer looks over a pile of papers with hand scribbled notes on it, slides his glasses off his nose and says to the creative, “CYA”.

The next day, the entire team is confused as hell trying to find out what this new colour format is that they’ve been advised to use on the website.

In a moment of sheer frustration, the creative calls the lawyer and asks, “What the heck is this CYA you want us to use on the website? The team can’t find anything online.”

“Cover Your Ass”  says the lawyer. “Use a legal disclaimer.”

<le sigh>

Well…here’s where you get your files. You have your email containing your username and password. You know where to look.

CYA : By downloading your files, you agree to respect international copyright laws – and to pay us.

Lawyer joke. Who saw that coming?

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