Case Study :: Rooms Come True

This project was a redirection, as opposed to a rebranding, for the client.

Originally, Rooms Come True was using radio, but the demographic of the station was not delivering the pre-qualified customer. The original campaign had a child talking about children’s furniture and accessories. It was cute, and well executed creative, but it wasn’t talking to the end-target – the Moms. The moms found the child cute, but forgot the product was that was being offered. The radio station was delivering customers who were not financially qualified to purchase the merchandise. Good curiosity traffic. Low closure rate due to sticker shock.

After an initial interview, in partnership with Coast 101.1 FM, we agreed the correct way to create the desire was to have moms talking about the benefits of purchasing the products. As any mother can relate, when a child wants something, they make it well known – and often.

This was the basis for the Once A Year Clearance Sale creative. It gave us an opportunity to launch new creative with a heavy radio presence using most of the language we would use in the branding commercials. The heavy presence on a radio station more suited to the target demographic (Coast 101.1 FM, St. John’s Newfoundland) was the prefect launching pad for the new creative.

Once the scripting and casting was completed, we created a soundscape environment that spoke to the moms. Beyond the production elements of the commercial was the core message of the sales offers for the event, and the overall benefit to buying the furniture and accessories. The message, delivered through relatable stories, met our goals to the positioning of Rooms Come True as a must-shop location for must-have goods for moms (or even grandmoms) with children.

The “keep up with the Jonses” approach was the final piece of the creative, which we satisfied with the tag line “The Once A Year Clearance Sale! Get huge savings right now – before someone else’s Mom does!”

The end result? A happy client. A successful sales event. And a strong branding push through a sales event radio schedule. And a new working relationship!

What would we have done differently? We’d have convinced the client to do it sooner!

Here are two of the commercials we completed for the campaign. (All creative is copyright Great 2012 and is protected by international copyright laws. It  may not be copied or reused without written permission.)

Rooms Come True – I Look-OAYCS
Rooms Come True – One Of Each-OAYCS