Bob Lala.

When the mood is forced upon him, he writes.

Albert Berkshire is President and Director of Great Creative.com. His insight and opinion is a reflection of thousands of customer interactions, client meetings, and creative strategies and campaigns over many years.

His writings, however, are usually fueled by his desire to bring to light the missteps of many businesses.

Sure it’s easy to complain. Any of us can do that with great delight. What Albert does in his - shall we say - rants, is clearly identify a problem in a business environment and offer suggestions of how they can be corrected.

Along the way, he exposes you to his slightly tilted sense of humour and his human side.

What you read here is meant to give you pause for thought. Is it advice? Not legally, but if you are honest with yourself about how you approach business, and how you treat your customers, then you’ll find you’ve answered your own question.

Read on, young Padawan.

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  • 14th
  • Feb

Share The Love!

I think I once had an ego…not so much anymore.

It’s not that I don’t care about my work.  I do!  I love it.  I just don’t care what my peers think.  Clients?  Hell Yeah I care…but those who are in the business?  Naaaah.  If they like it or not makes little difference to me.


  • 09th
  • Feb

Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

– by Albert Berkshire


It’s odd how we, as writers, producers and voice actors will do just about anything to get the attention of an agency or production company. It’s the hunt for the job and the need for good quality clients. The kind that pay a decent fee for our rare and wonderful talents.


  • 07th
  • Feb

Hello world!

Hey, Hi, Hello.

Please Hold…we’ll have the ideas and opinions of Albert Berkshire in just a little while!