Bob Lala.

When the mood is forced upon him, he writes.

Albert Berkshire is President and Director of Great Creative.com. His insight and opinion is a reflection of thousands of customer interactions, client meetings, and creative strategies and campaigns over many years.

His writings, however, are usually fueled by his desire to bring to light the missteps of many businesses.

Sure it’s easy to complain. Any of us can do that with great delight. What Albert does in his - shall we say - rants, is clearly identify a problem in a business environment and offer suggestions of how they can be corrected.

Along the way, he exposes you to his slightly tilted sense of humour and his human side.

What you read here is meant to give you pause for thought. Is it advice? Not legally, but if you are honest with yourself about how you approach business, and how you treat your customers, then you’ll find you’ve answered your own question.

Read on, young Padawan.

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  • 23rd
  • Dec

Nothing Of Consequence

Tim slid the chips towards us. It was the last of the aquamarine chips at the roulette table.  He never cracked a smile, but my friend was grinning ear to ear.  Back to back hits on 21.  Jase had just cleaned them out.  And as the chips slid past me, I thought about Tim…

  • 22nd
  • Nov

Business Is Always Business. Personal Is Always Personal. Please Make A Mental Note.

This might get harsh.

I’ve come to accept there are three things I will never discuss, debate or pontificate upon in public, and in business.

Religion. Politics. Abortion.

Religion. It’s one of those “no proof no winner” topics. Those who love religion and feel it is the source of all the good in the world will never…

  • 14th
  • Sep

# This!

– by Albert Berkshire

There was a time not long ago when I felt like everything was easy. Easy in the sense of being stress free. Carefree. The pinnacle of MaxiLife, as it were. Staying in touch with people was a personal endeavour, separate from the busy chaos of our work lives, and less formal….

  • 30th
  • Aug

Can’t We Just Talk?

– by Albert Berkshire

Conversation is dead. Communication is lost. Come innnnn Tokyo.

I know I won’t shock anyone with this revelation, but it is necessary to point out the obvious, lest a simple thought slip past our tweeting, posting, status updating, checking-in noses. You did look up from your smart phone to read this, n’est…

  • 05th
  • Jul

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Margaret and I had a good run.

When we first met it was golden.  Love at first sight.  She brought a smile to my face, I wanted to show her off to everyone, and she was with me everywhere I went.  Margaret bailed me out of more than one or two jams.  She was quick,…

  • 06th
  • Jun

When “No, Thanks” Translates Into “Yes, Please”

– by Albert Berkshire

I liked Nick.

I’d still like Nick just as much if he would return my call from 7 months ago with acknowledgement that he still owes me lunch.  Of course, you don’t get to be a multi-millionaire by spending your money buying other people lunch.  At first I thought he was offended…

  • 31st
  • May

Anger…It’s The New Joy.

– by Albert Berkshire

I remember a night, many years ago, when I stood at the bar in a night club, vibrating at a 140 beats per minute. My friends told me that they looked over, no doubt bewildered, and said, “What’s Albert dancing to? The DJ stopped playing twenty minutes ago.”

It was true. I…

  • 26th
  • Apr

What’s Your Sign?

“Welcome to America. Now speak English.”

It may have been the largest billboard I’d ever seen. And it couldn’t have been more clearly stated.

Uncle Sam’s iconic, and perhaps slightly animated, image was off to the left of this expansive billboard. It must have been about 40‘x60’, sitting happily atop of an Army Navy surplus store…

  • 05th
  • Apr

Size 46 Pajamas!

I like a big story. I like a big idea.  And every ounce of my Newfoundlander upbringing likes a big laugh. But apart from being 6’2”, (blue eyes and blonde curly locks-once-apon-a-time), I’m not a big person…and I have no real interest in being someone “big”.  It’s not me.

I was working on a project…

  • 01st
  • Mar

Multitasking, Procrastination, And Politeness

Yah. Yeh. Yaw. Yeh.

I sit here during a recording session listening in one ear as a great talent, who absorbs direction, is in the booth opposite of me.  In one ear he’s narrating for educational film.  In the other ear is a new-to-me director giving simple direction in the most considerate manner.

In the background…