Bob Lala.

When the mood is forced upon him, he writes.

Albert Berkshire is President and Director of Great Creative.com. His insight and opinion is a reflection of thousands of customer interactions, client meetings, and creative strategies and campaigns over many years.

His writings, however, are usually fueled by his desire to bring to light the missteps of many businesses.

Sure it’s easy to complain. Any of us can do that with great delight. What Albert does in his - shall we say - rants, is clearly identify a problem in a business environment and offer suggestions of how they can be corrected.

Along the way, he exposes you to his slightly tilted sense of humour and his human side.

What you read here is meant to give you pause for thought. Is it advice? Not legally, but if you are honest with yourself about how you approach business, and how you treat your customers, then you’ll find you’ve answered your own question.

Read on, young Padawan.

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  • 28th
  • May

Your Service Needs Service

(a rant of near epic proportions)

– by Albert Berkshire

I’ve been fuming for about a month now.

I intended to write this article back a couple of months ago when Toyota set my tolerance for stupidity on fire. Then a local BMW dealership left me dumbfounded in my silence. The next day I called a company…

  • 07th
  • Dec

Mixed Messages & The Art of Confusion

– by Albert Berkshire

Sing with me. ‘Tis the season for mass confusion. Fa la la la la lah, la la la lahhhhhh.

December is the most frustrating time of the year for any of us in the advertising and marketing industry. Since the modern celebrations of Christmas – the Christian holiday – (insert record scratch…

  • 29th
  • Nov

I’m Feeling…Pewter

– by Albert Berkshire

Colour me present.

Most of my life is about describing things. Commercial products someone wants you to purchase, events you may be convinced to attend, companies you might find interesting or useful, a way to help save the planet, a way to contribute to its demise…the list goes on and on, and…

  • 07th
  • Nov

Heart Palpitations, Hold The Ketchup

– by Albert Berkshire

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article about writer’s block and the highs and lows of being, as my good friend Trent calls us, a Creative. It was one of those things that rattled around in my head on a four hour drive and pretty much wrote itself.

Most of…

  • 24th
  • Oct

External Irritation and The Clinton Principal

– by Albert Berkshire

In the September issue of Vogue Magazine, buried near the back of the 916 pages, of which I am certain is 80 to 90 percent advertising or puff-piece journalism, is an article by Jonathan Van Meter in which Chelsea Clinton is quoted as saying, “I like the right words. I think…

  • 19th
  • Sep

Ich Kompromittierte Meine Direktion

– by Albert Berkshire

I thought it would feel better in a different language.

It doesn’t.

I have, on occasion, asked myself, “Why did I just do that?” It may have been after I overstated the obvious when attempting to make a point. It could have been when I ordered fish when I really wanted the salad….

  • 31st
  • Jul

In Lieu Of Flowers

– by Albert Berkshire

In December of 1997, Hilary Montbourquette taught me two of the most valuable lessons I would ever learn in business.

1) Never be the drunkest employee at the company Christmas party when you know there will be cameras present; and

2) Always make your Thank-You’s personal.

As I opened his card in my office, a few…

  • 04th
  • Jul

Live…From The Intersection Of Determination And Despair…

– by Albert Berkshire

I could write an article for just about every conversation I have each day. I could. Not everything would be relevant – to you or me – but I could. And since I have a lot of, sadly, irrelevant conversations in the course of my business day, I like to stick…

  • 25th
  • Jan

Be Not A-Mused. I’m Not Either.

– by Albert Berkshire

I get hung up on things. It’s a curse. Or perhaps just a quirk. It can be overwhelming in person, and exhausting in the written sense, but when I get high-centered on a subject, I have trouble letting it go until I either rant, vent, or fall asleep.

We creatives are a…

  • 06th
  • Jan

Smoked Gouda & Curry

This is not the cooking channel.

I’m not a fan of predictability.  I don’t know many who are fans.  In fact, predictable equals boring in my world.  I can’t watch a murder mystery with my mother because she has it solved before the murder is committed.  That’s not the experience I want.  I want to…